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How to get started with Hangul

Hangul () is the alphabet of the Korean language and it should be your first step to learn the Korean language. It may appear that you need to study for years to learn to read Hangul like it is to read Japanese or Chinese, but it is surprisingly easy.


Why you should learn the Korean Language

There are more than 80 million Korean speakers around the World. You will find Korean speakers in Korea, Brazil, China, Japan, Australia and many more countries. To put it into perspective, there are more people that speak Korean then there are people that speak Italian or French.

The Goal of this site

The main point of this site is to give you a throughout guideline for how to learn to read Hangul in one day or less. But as everything in life, practice makes perfect. It can be a fun and rewarding experience to learn the Korean language. So keep reading and become a Master in Hangul in just one day!


Step One to become a Master in Hangul

Step one to become a master in Hangul

Your first step to learn Hangul is to learn the basic principle that each syllable is written in a block-like shape and each of the letters inside the block forms a sound.  A syllable in Hangul is composed of a beginning consonant, a middle vowel and an optional final consonant. There are 14 basic consonants and 13 basic vowel sounds.

The best way to learn the basics of Hangul are the following sites. There are several good sites that teach it in an easy and fast way.

I like Videos!

If you like to learn via videos the short video series of 11 videos by Busy Atom is a good start.

I like reading!

If you are bigger fan of reading and learning, there is a six Step guide to learn Hangul in the Koreanwikiproject.

Step Two to become a Master in Hangul

Step two to become a master in Hangul

Gaming is fun and practice makes perfect. So why not combine both and play a game that trains you in Hangul? Here are two games that I found interesting and good for a quick session or two.

So start mastering this game made by Aeriagloris

Or if you like a brighter background better, check this alternative out.

Step Three to become a Master in Hangul

Step three to become a master in Hangul

So after you learned to read and to write you surely want to write Hangul on your computer and or your smartphone. Here I will tell you how that can be a possibility.

Check out this site, it will tell you what you have to do to write on your windows or mac-machine, or on your iphone or android device.

If you don’t want to install something fancy or want to write Hangul on the go, I can really recommend this, it will let you write in a Romanized way and you can just simply copy&paste when you are finished.

Step Four to become a Master in Hangul

Step four to become a master in Hangul

The finishing touches!

After you cleared all the steps above it is time to get real. Get some books and start your way in the Korean language.

Elementary Korean is simple and offers an honest approach to learning Korean. It can be both used to teach it yourself and can be used in classes that teach Korean. It is the best and most used book to learn Korean.

If you find the book to heavy and expensive I can also recommend Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean. It a cheaper and more lighter book. It will teach you how to have conversations and offers an entertaining and effective approach.